Auto Response Solved Part 2

I wrote a longer post over a month ago about the auto response issues triggered by aggressive email virus checkers, and our attempts to solve it.

As expected, our fix did impact many of our players negatively in that it required them to login where they previously didn’t need to. We took the feedback from them and went to work on designing an improved fix. Our goal remained that we needed to ensure we no longer had any ‘fake’ game responses due to this virus checkers while hopefully alleviating the need for players to login all the time.

Wait 5 minutes…

Several weeks back, we placed a new fix in place that we feel achieves those goals.

We made the technical assumption that if your virus checker is going to click links in your emails without you knowing, it will do that immediately upon receiving the email.

So, when we send you a game invitation, this is what happens now. If you a full time player or a goalie in that game, meaning you do not have to make a payment, AND you are trying to respond within 5 minutes from the time we sent that specific email then you will have to login in order to respond.

Basically, if you try to respond within 5 minutes of us sending your email then we treat those responses as suspicious and require you are authenticated.

Your choices in you encounter this are

  1. Just login to your 20Skaters player around.
  2. Wait 5 minutes and respond.

That’s it. We’re hoping few of you actually bump into this as it requires you jump on emails within 5 minutes of them being sent. If you do, hit the bathroom and try again when you get back.