Pickup Hockey “Faceoffs”

95% of the pickup hockey games I play in already so what I call the pickup hockey faceoff. The 5% that don’t……drive me a bit bonkers to be honest.

It’s such a simple practice and takes up no real additional time, I think every game should play this way. The short story….everyone comes back to center ice after a goal. The team which was scored upon restarts play by making a pass from the center position back to a defenceman. That’s it.

While it’s super simple, I still recorded a short video to explain it for those who are not currently doing this.

[UPDATE]: Based on our post to Reddit, there are lots of opinions and many ways to restart play in pickup hockey. To clarify, this is simply ONE way and it’s the way that’s dominant here in Ontario where we play. I think we need a followup post where we list out as many known options as we can find!