How it Works for Organizers

We help pickup hockey organizers run great pickup while saving them time and money.

Cover Your Costs

Your subs pay ahead of time to secure their spots so you’re not losing money.

Players like it because it’s easy for them, organizers love it because they don’t have to chase down players for payment.

No Hassle

Just give us your emails and sort them once, and every game will be a breeze.

We’ll invite your paid players in first each week, and then rounds of subs if the game still needs to be filled.

Easy for Players

Your paid players will simply be asked to confirm their attendance each week, no charge.

Subs will be asked to pay to confirm their spot (you set the price). The money goes directly to you.

That sounds great, where do I signup?

To get started simply fill out our form by clicking the link below and we’ll
be in touch to get your game up and running on 20Skaters.