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More Kitchener Waterloo Pickup Hockey!

Hey, we have a few weekly games in Kitchener Waterloo who are open to having ‘rookies’ jump in.¬†For each game, you can jump in and grab a spot in this week’s skate using the link below. Or if you can’t make it, register to get invited each week for that game.

Tuesday Night
This is a new game starting this week. It’ll be 30 to 50 age bracket, a good paced skate. They are in need of some goalies right now but will take on lot’s of skaters as well.

Note, this game says Lion’s right now but these are actually at Activa, we’ll update that shortly.

Grab a spot

Friday Afternoon
This is a long standing game. It’s a bit faster paced so make sure you’re up for a good skate and have played the game at a decent level in the past.

Grab a spot

Looking For More Hockey?

Make sure you’ve filled in our ‘Play More Hockey‘ form if you’re looking for more pickup. We’ll email you when we have other games looking for skaters.