Why Don’t You Run Regular Pickup Hockey?

In a lot of ways we’ve become pickup hockey counsellors. We’re fortunate to work directly with you folks who have the often thankless job of organizing pickup hockey. That affords us a front row seat to hear about, and hopefully solve, those pains. We’re excited to expand that, for example we’re hoping to get our organizers together later this year. In the larger cities where we have enough organizers, we’re hoping to run pickup of our own with just organizers followed by a dinner where we can connect you together in person.

Christmas Game | 20Skaters.com - Chromium_063What we don’t get to do enough is talk with people who are considering running pickup for the first time, or have run a few one-off games and considering making the leap to running a regular game. What’s holding you back? We’d like to eventually be an enabler to get more pickup hockey going so learning what your roadblocks are is important. Please comment below or contact us directly.

PS..you can now add your games directly to your calendar of choice from each of our game pages.