Know a Pickup Organizer? Get You Some Hockey Loot!

While there’s a lot more coming, our product’s core value today is helping a pickup hockey organizer. If you’ve purchased some icetime, or regular weekly icetime, we need to talk!

20131115_135357We began working with most of our current organizers because of referrals from skaters in our existing games. We really like referrals as the best people to explain our product are you folks already familiar with it. We recognize that referring people takes up some of your time so we wanted to thank those folks who take the time to do so.

The plan’s simple. Periodically we go shopping and assemble a variety of hockey related gifts. I have the lovely job today of shopping for, and building, our first set of referral thank you packages. This first pack includes Bauer Premium hockey socks, a mix pack of hockey tape and a Green Biscuit so you can work on your sweet hands.

So if you know of a pickup hockey organizer we should be working with, please tell them about us! If they decide to host regular weekly games with us, you’ll find yourself the recipient of one of our lovely hockey surprise packs.